Sunday, September 13, 2009

Thing #2 Life Long Learning Habits

The life long learning habit that is easiest for me is to create a learning toolbox. I am very good at anticipating what I will need to accomplish my goals. My main goal right now is to be the best librarian that I can be for my students. My "supply kit" includes my beautiful library, my UHCL classes - past and present, Library Services and other librarian friends, and my awesome aide Sandra!

The habit I have some difficulty with is having confidence in myself, especially with technology. This class will help with that I hope. The simple truth is that I can be trained to do just about anything, and many times I surprise myself!

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  1. I also find technology to be a bit intimidating. I feel like I just can't keep up with all of it sometimes. I am also a creature of habit. We recently got a new computer and it has Windows XP, it has taken me forever to figure out all the tricks. We also went from Internet Explorer to Firefox and that too has been a struggle. I agree that Library2Play will help out with this habit