Sunday, November 8, 2009

Thing #8 RSS Feeds

I have to admit that I NEVER thought I’d end up working in an elementary school. My initial certification was secondary social studies….and well…the little ones were not part of the plan. But sometimes fate lands you just where you need to be. Becoming an elementary school librarian is the best thing that I have done in my professional life, and those kids make my day! That being said, because I come from a secondary background, I have had to play catch up learning about primary school books. I spend quite a bit of time doing research, looking for the perfect book to teach a particular concept. RSS is a great solution to help aid me in my book hunts. The feed allows me to see new information via googlereader; instead of my old method of bookmarking and then hit and miss checking. It will save time, and I am thrilled to have found these awesome blogs! I went to googleblog search and simply typed in children’s book blogs. Up popped some great blogs, a few of which I now subscribe to. I really like and now follow The Children’s Book Review, Just One More Book, and The Children’s Book Guide.

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