Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thing #12 Commenting on Blogs

After spending part of this glorious Sunday with coffee and the boy, it’s time to get down to blog business! Commenting…..I don’t do it often. Some might say it’s a self esteem issue – in that I wonder why anyone would care about my opinion! But after reading “Cool Cat Teacher’s” blog entry I am seeing the light. The blogs I do read are those that I am highly interested in, and choose to invest time in for a reason. They are either professional in nature and/or are about something I hold dear. I can add to the conversation as long as what I have to say is meaningful and constructive.

I really liked Cool Cat’s observation about how commenting can improve the writer’s work. How true that is. I think we put more thought into what we write if we know someone else will be looking at it and adding their 2 cents. And regarding how words can hurt…another reason to be very deliberative before striking the keys.

Two blogs I have followed for years have to do with something I hold close to my heart. Soldiers Angels, a nonprofit organization that sends care packages to our deployed guys and girls. I have followed MaryAnn’s Blog, Soldier' Angels Germany, for years. She volunteers at the military hospital in Germany, and sits with our wounded service members whose family cannot be with them. She is an awesome woman. I also follow Blackfive, which is a military blog. I am off to comment on my classmates blogs!

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