Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thing #18 Google Docs

For this exercise, I chose to explore Google Docs. They offer their version of a word processing program, a spreadsheet, and what looks like a presentation option like PowerPoint. The benefits are obvious in that it is free and accessible from anywhere. Sometimes I work at home, at school, even at UHCL. I usually have to save all my work to a thumb drive or email it. Sometimes this gets confusing, because I have to remember where it was saved. With Google docs, it would be available anywhere by simply logging in. It is also free. I had to purchase PowerPoint over the summer, and it was over $100. I must say that I have not played with the Google docs presentation program, so I am not sure of the quality and ease of use. It would be hard to complain because they are FREE! I will try out these applications in depth when I have more time, because it would be very convenient and cost effective.

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