Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thing #15 Library 2.0

I agree that we need to embrace technology, and have a two way flow of information with our patrons. I see some great examples of this at the Harris County Public Library, from their virtual librarian, to tagging and blogging features available on their Aquabrowser interface. But how does library 2.0 work in a PK-4th grade elementary school, really? The Texas State Library Standards call for a learner-centered environment, and my library is certainly that, but how do I incorporate 2.0 when I see my kids 45 minutes every other week, they are 8 years old at most, and they don’t have access to computers at home? I am thinking, I really am. My librarian friends, please comment! I’m being a realist here….. 2.0 is easier to implement in a public library than one restrained by school district policies and internet filters.

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