Sunday, November 8, 2009

Thing #9 Library Related Blogs

There is so much information out there that it is possible to quickly be overwhelmed. I have about 45 minutes a day (if that) for “discretionary” internet time, and that includes time spent in pursuit of being a better librarian! I need to make sure that the feeds I do invest in are time worthy. The “Cool Cat teacher” was an excellent place to start this exercise. This is a RSS feed I have added to my Google account. I like her advice to look for someone who inspires you and that is a life long learner – not a know it all. So….I looked…and looked…..and looked. I looked at Technorati and Syndic8, and honestly this is not the way I would go about finding a blog that I would follow. They were both too time consuming and difficult. Google blogs was friendlier. Right now I think I will stick with the tried and true experts along the lines of Valenza, Blue Skunk, and the Librarian Philosopher of course : ). Sheesh….I’m a new librarian! I’ll branch out later!

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