Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thing #13 Delicious

Why, oh why am I just finding out about delicious NOW? Holy cow, this is going to make my life easier! I have a desktop at work, a desktop at home, and a laptop. I am forever doing research and searching for cool things online, and bookmarking sites where ever I am. Therefore, nothing is organized! Before, I had to try and remember what computer I was on and then hunt down the link in a tangle of chronically unorganized bookmarks. But no more! I was able to create a delicious account by logging on using my yahoo id (yeah - no need to remember more user info). Then I exported my favorites from my laptop into delicious. I then ran upstairs to the desktop and continued the process. Tomorrow I will do the same from my work computer. All my bookmarks in the same place and accessible from anywhere! Now I need to find time to organize them via tags. This will take a while, there are hundreds. I am going to tag them by 9 week scope and sequence and grade, and then further tag by subject. What a wonderful way to gather and organize online resources!

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